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Le Rat

Were you wondering what we do all day? Why don't you check out the live webcam to the agency.



Hate getting put on hold? Us too. So we thought we’d throw our on-hold airwaves over to this most reputable provider of goods and services. Have a listen.


About Us

Thanks for dropping in. Junior is a creative agency offering creative content and strategic solutions across traditional and digital channels. We do this for interesting people and companies. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Agency Culture

If you’ve seen the movie Blood Sport with the esteemed thespian Jean-Claude Van Damme, you’ll have some idea of how seriously ping pong is taken at Junior. Just ask reigning Sweat of Chai Cup champion, Corey Silva.

The Sweat of Chai Cup takes place every year around September. Follow it.

photoframe 1 top left52x72 russ mouth off
Russ Vine – Ad News Mouth Off
w photoframe 4 bottom left 35x41 flickr
What's Junior like? Take a look at our Flickr
w photoframe 2 top right 52x65 examiner Clio
The Junior Examiner
photoframe 3 right 58x58 jono mouth off
Jonathan Drapes – Ad News Mouth Off
photoframe 5 bottom right 85x46 client logos10.02.14
Our clients

Le Rat

There are two questions we get asked most at Junior: what’s with the monkeys on the front of the building, and what the hell is WWLRD? We can’t answer the first one, but we can tell you the second one. Just pop in.


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Head of Digital Integration

We're looking for an experienced digital suit, project manager, producer or technical director in the making that feels they could step up and take Junior's digital offering to the next level.

You'll get to head up a growing digital team already embedded at the agency plus you'll be responsible for how we interact with the digtital production partners we utilise both locally in Brisbane and those owned nationally by our parent company STW Group.

You will then oversee the wide variety of projects we deliver for multiple clients spanning websites, campaign sites, landing pages, online display, email, mobile, social and interactive outdoor.

Working all along the way as part of a seamlessly integrated wider agency, delivering campaigns that also include offline advertising, DM, sales promotions, events and ambient media stunts.

Desired Skills & Experience
You'll have 5 years or more experience delivering the digital component of marketing campaigns and/or assisting brands and organisations with their web presence.

Send your bits and pieces to Russ Vine.

We’re always on the lookout for clever, original people. If this is you, send us your folio or CV.
Server Fire

Le Rat

What are you rolling over me for?

Photographer Gallery

Did you know we take photos too?

Bank of Queensland

Foreign Trade Ambient

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